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It’s not about trust–or lack thereof. It’s about protection. A digital video surveillance system protects your employees, customers, property and assets. It allows you to be there when you’re not there.

A video surveillance system from ITNBM can help your organization with security, loss prevention, risk management and other day-to-day operations.

One retail customer upgraded an 11-year old VCR system to our new Digital Video Recording (DVR) system. What used to take hours to search through tape can now be done in a matter of minutes. With added cameras and up-to-date technology, they are able to monitor any part of the store from the office or via remote login from home. An added benefit: employees now say they feel safer working the night shift.

A police department upgraded their old digital system to improve audio and video quality and to expand the areas of coverage around the precinct. Now, anywhere in the building a person under arrest goes, they are under video and audio surveillance. All interactions, no matter how minor, are now recorded and archived automatically.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeInDown”]


We utilize digital and network recorders from companies awarded for their video surveillance technology. These video recording networks can be hooked up with new digital cameras or an analog camera. Video files are compressed for storage size, yet the quality still remains impeccable. Each location can compress their video differently based on specific requirements.


Our cameras are IP based–which means they plug right into your network system and record video directly to a hard drive while simultaneously streaming it to any number of monitoring stations. We provide cameras for fixed positions to cover smaller areas such as, entryways and hallways. Our dome cameras can monitor larger rooms and can be configured to focus on movement or can be manually controlled from a remote location.


Whether you have one location with a few cameras, or dozens of locations with hundreds of cameras, we have software to do exactly what you need. We can setup individual locations to only have access to the cameras on their network–or even a subset of those cameras for a particular floor. Your security director can have access to any camera at any location. They can login remotely from home or on a mobile device.

Our software lets you control your cameras, or perhaps single out one camera for a full screen view to investigate further. You can do this for up to 256 cameras per server!

You can search archived footage based on time stamps, location, or comments added by other users to certain segments of video.


You can detect and track a variety of custom or pre-defined events captured in live video feeds. Our software can recognize patterns in movement and send alerts when there are anomalies. This provides valuable data on customer behavior and employee operations.

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