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ITnBM is an essential business connectivity solutions provider.

5 million U.S. households with high school-aged children without access to high speed internet

70% of United States teachers assign homework that must be completed online

Access to internet is the single greatest socio-economic opportunity for this generation

Challenges Faced By Districts

Budget The removal E Rate funding for mobile data significantly increases the financial burden on districts. Many districts now believe they cannot afford 1:1 deployment and are stopping their plans.

Security of Content How do we keep kids from accessing restricted or inappropriate content while using the district-provided internet access; and how do we ensure CIPA compliance?

Managing multiple Devices District’s resources are built to manage employee assets only. A move to 1:1 to every student can be an increase of over 10x. Deploying a computing device, as well as an internet device, is simply too much for them to track.

Connectivity How do we extend the learning beyond the classroom and support online learning on a grand scale and across campuses?

LifeCycle Management After procurement, how does a district handle deployment, training, break fix, refresh, and recovery? How does a district scale and support these essential needs with existing resources?

Process To deliver a complete 1:1 program, districts are faced with daunting task of running up to five concurrent RFPs across Content, Professional Development, Computer/Tablet, Connectivity, and LifeCycle/Management.

Our Solutions

Mobile Hotspot

Our LTE Chromebook is designed for rigorous student use, has a 12-hour battery life, and is equipped with integrated wireless service. It’s filtered, CIPA-compliant Internet access from virtually any location without the need for a Wi-Fi connection or mobile hotspot makes it ideal for distance learning or programs serving a dispersed student population.

Connect up to 10 devices with up to 15 hours of continuous battery use. Create your own mobile hotspot with blazing fast 4G LTE Internet speeds. Enjoy your laptop, tablet, e-reader, gaming console, music player, camera or other Internet device on your terms.

Why Work With Us

We have a dedicated business unit devoted to the education sector (both K-12 and higher education). We’ve worked with countless education institutions across Texas and are well versed in the unique challenges of education technology. We can help you navigate the latest innovation in education technology and take advantage of the incentive programs that are available to you.

Our local specialists will work hand-in-hand with your administrators to first assess your requirements and then implement the solution. Post-implementation, we will continue to act as your service provider, and will deliver ongoing support to you throughout the lifecycle of your solution.

Whether you are looking to deploy Intel-based Chromebooks in the classroom or upgrade your network infrastructure, we can help.

Let us help!