Managed Print Services (MPS)

It really is that easy! With our print management solution services, you don’t ever have to worry about running out of toner. Your office printers can be wired up to talk to each other from across the room, or across the country. They can talk to us too. Your copy machine can tell us when it has a problem and we’ll be there right away to fix it.

We can’t promise that your machines will never go down – that would be some sort of technical sorcery that would amaze even our printer geeks. However, we can promise, that downtime will be less frequent, and if they do happen, they’ll be fixed more quickly than ever before.

What You Get

Print Audit The first step in a managed print services partnership is the print audit. This is when we (your print provider) take an in-depth look at your company’s print environment. This includes taking a full inventory of your print equipment – including each device’s location, make, model, age and network capability – and assessing how your employees are using them.

Contract Pricing For businesses looking at working with a print management partner, pay attention to which pricing model they offer. Here at ITnBM, we price our managed print services based on print volume. Typically, businesses have a pretty consistent print volume, with the exception of seasonal spikes. As an added benefit to this pricing model, most businesses chose reducing print volume as one of their goals, an efficiency that can lower your overall investment.

Benefits Partnering with a managed print provider brings plenty of benefits, including a positive impact on a business’ bottom line. In our experience, customers save an average of 1-3% of their total annual revenue with our managed print program. As profit margins continue to tighten, that number gets more and more appealing.


Print Software Apps Investing in printing equipment and print software programs can help businesses increase productivity, achieve goals and implement cost-saving initiatives. And in the current market, there is an ever-expanding portfolio of print management software applications available. With so many options, there is probably a software program out there that meets your needs.

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