Cloud Services

Store your information, stay current on the latest applications and only pay for what you need! Organizations big and small benefit from this scale-able, subscription-based technology service. After all, who wouldn’t benefit from full access to the entire suite of business-ready, user-friendly Microsoft Office applications. Not to mention other common software applications hosted through our own data center.

Cloud services are like a safety screen for your organization. They protect against spam and malware while keeping e-mail compliant, encrypted and protected from spam and viruses. We apply multiple layers of protection to keep your organization, and your communications, safe and secure.

Your cloud or ours?

The choice is yours! ITnBM can securely manage your software applications, computing capacity, storage, security, routing and switching off-site. We have built several data centers with organizations like yours in mind. Our data centers have the software, hardware and structural integrity in place to maintain highly secure, public clouds where users can easily gain access to applications and information.

If you prefer, we’ll build a private cloud just for you, under your roof. You’ll have physical ownership over the hardware, and you’ll still enjoy seamless software accessibility.

For organizations looking to reap the benefits of both types of clouds, we have a third option. An integrated solution, also referred to as a hybrid cloud, will give your organization more freedom to customize the right cloud for the way you do business. It gives you the best of both clouds!

Desktop As A Service (DaaS)

Virtual desktop environments can be hosted in a private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud. With ITaaS, you share hardware costs with other organizations within the public cloud environment. It also frees your internal IT team to focus on strategic initiatives instead of software updates, patches and maintenance.

We keep your data secure and under control at an off-site location, which also keeps your organization safe in case of disaster. When you choose ITaaS, a predictable, monthly investment replaces expensive capital expenditures, and your users have single-click access to their desktops and all corporate applications.

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